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2014 Archive

Configuring vibration amplifiers – August 2014
August 2014

DS2430 memory chips for TEDS smart transducers – June / July 2014
June / July 2014

Modal testing double impact – May 2014
May 2014

Driving long output cables with the model 136 – April 2014
April 2014

Endevco Model 6634C: twin BNC connector assembly instructions – March 2014
March 2014

Shock measurements: An appropriate sampling rate – February 2014
February 2014

Mil connector and IEPE accelerometers – January 2014
January 2014


2013 Archive

Available options for piezoresistive pressure transducers – December 2013
December 2013

Pressure transducer performance explained – November 2013
November 2013

Accelerometer sensitivity and output units – October 2013
October 2013

Accelerometer stability – September 2013
September 2013

Pressure transducer excitation voltage – August 2013
August 2013

Calibrating the Model 133 – July 2013
July 2013

Decoupling capacitor IEPE accelerometer – June 2013
June 2013

Low-noise cables – May 2013
May 2013

Hardline cable – April 2013
April 2013

Figure of Merit – March 2013
March 2013

Voltage output from a charge-mode piezoelectric accelerometer
February 2013

How to program the gain on a model 133 and 136 signal conditioner
January 2013

2012 Archive

Reducing unwanted high-frequency acceleration inputs
December 2012

Piezoelectric accelerometer charge sensitivity over time
November 2012

Avoiding ground loops
October 2012

Calculating high-intensity acoustic sound pressure levels from piezoelectric microphone charge output sensitivity
September 2012

Understanding the role of transverse sensitivity in measurement data reliability
August 2012

Is shunt calibration a “true” calibration?
July 2012

Understanding IEPE accelerometer dynamic range
June 2012

Determining remote charge converter phase response at 1 Hz
May 2012

Calculating rise time response
March 2012

Using resistance measurements to test and verify IEPE accelerometers
February 2012

Selecting the right FFT window
January 2012

2011 Archive

Understanding IEPE accelerometers vs. 4-20 mA sensors
December 2011

Testing piezoresistive pressure transducers
November 2011

Testing for accelerometer electromagnetic sensitivity
October 2011

Understanding output polarity
September 2011

Providing a simple DC output to corresponding rotational shaft vibration levels
July 2011

Understanding piezoelectric accelerometer resonance frequency
June 2011

Modal excitation: hammer or shaker
May 2011

Low-frequency vibration signal monitoring
April 2011

Can you explain the amplitude linearity specification?
March 2011

Understanding IEPE compliance voltage
February 2011

Understanding noise specification
January 2011

2010 Archive

Determining accelerometer and input signal condition
November 2010

Understanding software requirements for the Endevco model 133
September 2010

Taking the mystery out of power spectral density function
August 2010

Go-No-Go test
July 2010

Low-noise cables
June 2010

Integrating Isotron (IEPE) accelerometers with your own current source
May 2010

Using the optional RS-232 serial interface on Endevco model 6634C
April 2010

PE accelerometer sensitivity spec
March 2010

PR transducer cable length
February 2010

Accelerometer response
January 2010

2009 Archive

Single-ended and differential
December 2009

Signal conditioner output scaling
November 2009

Is it possible to eliminate the output offset with a decoupling capacitor?
October 2009

Programming the gain on a model 133 and 136 signal conditioner
September 2009

Which of the 4 accelerometer measurement technologies should I use?
August 2009

Constant current source and compliance voltage varying outside the specification limits
July 2009

What makes Meggitt’s Endevco cable assemblies more reliable?
June 2009

What is the best position for a control accelerometer when using a slip table?
May 2009

What is a charge amplifier and why do I need one?
April 2009

What does the transverse sensitivity specification mean in an accelerometer datasheet?
February 2009

Adhesive mounting methods
January 2009

2008 Archive

“Compression mode” and “Shear mode” accelerometers
December 2008

What type of mounting adhesive do you recommend?
October 2008

How can I eliminate noise in my measurement system?
February 2008

2007 Archive

What do IEPE and Isotron® mean?
November 2007

The future of Meggitt’s Endevco silicon pressure sensors
October 2007

Mounting an accelerometer at or above 250°F
August 2007

Cleaning transducers and cables
May 2007

How can I use the model 136 with μV/g transducers?
March 2007

Recommended cable lengths for best performance
January 2007

2006 Archive

Cable attachment of the 2222C
October 2006

What is supplied with Meggitt’s Endevco sensors for a complete solution?
October 2006

Pros/cons of capacitive and piezoresistive accelerometers
August 2006