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Military weapons systems
For over 20 years, Endevco has been the predominant supplier to the United States Navy of impact sensors used in ship-to-air and air-to-air missiles. Endevco products are also utilized in the fuzing system for torpedoes. Endevco has been the technology leader in providing sensors for penetration weapons used to neutralize heavily fortified targets. Our advanced micromachined accelerometers have advanced electronic ‘safe and arm’ devices. Endevco’s accurate inertial measurement sensors have been used to guide advanced weapon systems.

Endevco’s ultra low-noise, high sensitivity vibration sensing systems are used by naval services worldwide to ensure that surface ships and submarines develop and maintain the lowest noise signature necessary to evade today’s search sonar. Endevco is a major supplier to leading manufacturers of gas turbine engines for shipboard applications. Accelerometers for shipboard monitoring provide early diagnosis of excessive vibration and pressure so that repairs can be performed on a routine and timely basis, preventing undue failures.

Industrial and power plant applications
For over 25 years, Endevco has supplied pressure, acceleration, vibration and shock sensors and signal conditioners for demanding applications. Our sensors find applications in high temperature, high shock and hostile environments such as nuclear power plants, gas turbines, directional drilling tools for oil and gas exploration. Utilizing Endevco’s PIEZITE® type P-14 crystal material, our vibration monitoring transducers are capable of continuous operation temperatures up to 750°F (399°C) and radiation levels as high as 6.2 x 1010 rad without degraded performance. Dynamic pressure sensors monitor large gas turbine combustor pressure at temperatures up to 900°F (530°C) helping enhance fuel control and reduce emissions. To keep up with the increasingly demanding needs industry, Endevco continues to evolve new solutions and new technologies to monitor acceleration, shock, vibration, and pressure for the Energy Market.

Medical applications
Medical applications present unique design and performance criteria. The rate responsive heart pacemaker is a type of implantable pacemaker that utilizes an appropriate pacing rate proportional to the patient’s level of physical activity. Versions of the Endevco model 12M1 PICOCHIP and Endevco MEMS variable capacitance accelerometers are used in a majority of pacing devices manufactured globally. Internal R&D advances in sensor manufacturing techniques and material properties have opened up several new markets for Endevco acceleration and pressure sensing devices, prosthetic motion monitoring, medical imaging, and external and implanted drug therapy systems. The ability to offer piezoelectric, self generating sensor solutions, and siliconbased MEMS sensor solutions, positions Endevco as a solution as new medical procedures evolve which require sensor enabled technologies.

For 30 years, Endevco’s piezoresistive accelerometers have been the industry standard for safety testing with use on vehicle barrier and sled testing and in anthropomorphic test dummies. Endevco piezoelectric, ISOTRON® and variable capacitance accelerometers are used in vehicle dynamic testing of engines, exhaust systems, components and suspension systems due to their micro-miniature size, high temperature performance and rugged construction. Endevco pressure transducers are used in the automotive testing systems such as Anti-lock Brake Systems, transmissions, fuel and oil systems and air bag inflators. Using advanced silicon micromachined sensors, these pressure transducers feature a wide frequency response and a high level of output in a miniature size, making it ideal for use in places traditionally inaccessible due to size.

Flight testing
From small, single-engine aircraft to the space shuttle, to the latest in flight aircraft, Endevco has supplied accelerometers and amplifiers for flight testing and inertial measurement of the most advanced aerospace vehicles. Pressure transducers and high intensity microphones are also supplied for vehicle dynamics studies. Designed and specified for the extremes of flight test environments, these dynamic instruments operate over a wide temperature range from cryogenic of -425°F (269°C) of the model 7722/7724 to the high temperature +550°F (+288°C) capabilities of the 7704A. Whether flutter testing of low g and low frequencies, engine testing with wide frequency requirements, or aerodynamic pressures, Endevco offers a complete line of accelerometers, microphones, airborne amplifiers and pressure transducers for flight testing.

Helicopter monitoring
Endevco has played a major role since the initial development and incorporation of HUMS (Health Usage Monitoring Systems). Working closely with HUMS developers and the airframe manufacturers, Endevco has provided a variety of modified versions of our standard 7251 series ISOTRON® accelerometers. Applications such as rotor track and balance, where extremely low vibration levels at very low frequencies are to be detected, require a high-output, low-noise accelerometer. Gearbox bearings and shaft monitoring may require an accelerometer with high resonance frequency and linear response to 10 kHz and above. Small size and ease of mounting are important considerations for these applications. ISOTRON® designs with a variety of special customer demands are available to cover virtually all of these requirements. Our design experience through proven flight usage has made the ISOTRON® series a favorite choice for HUMS applications.

Engine vibration monitoring
Engine vibration monitoring in ground testing, helicopters, commercial, civil and military aircraft, marine vessels and industrial applications has been an established research, production and maintenance tool for over five decades. Engine vibration signatures have been used to develop and qualify new engine technologies. Endevco’s computer-controlled amplifier systems serve as ground test equipment for engine test cell applications allowing the customer to create these signatures. Endevco offers a wide variety of accelerometers with very unique features such as built-in low pass filtering, +2.5 VDC output bias, and wide operating range that can be used to gain the information needed for these signatures. We also offer high-intensity microphones for measuring the acoustic signatures of missiles and rockets at take-off along with engine pressure studies. These sensors are capable of making vibra-acoustic measurements at levels up to 190 dB SPL and with our airborne amplifiers can readily interface with industry-standard telemetry systems.