Legacy products

Legacy Model 28959F/FV Calibrator Boot-up Issue Notice | Please view this PDF for details.

Legacy Endevco Product and Current PCB Alternatives

Please contact our Application Engineering Team with any questions relating to specifications, dimensional data, or part numbers.

Legacy Endevco Product
Part Number
Current PCB Piezotronics Product Alternative
Part Number
2248 357B69
2248M1 357B69
2273A 357B69
2273AM1 357B61
2273AM20 357B61
2276 357B61
2276-R 357B61/NC
2280 EX356A73
3061A 002C10
3075M6 023A10
522M37A-120 176M03
522M17 176M47
6233C-10 357C71
6233C-50 357C72
6233C-100 357C73
6235M1 611M10
Alternative, high temperature charge output Model 357A100 is 5 pC/g
6235M1 EX600B13
Alternative, 900 F, ICP Model EX600B13 is 100 mV/g and EX600B14 is 10 mV/g
6237M70 EX357E90/XX
6237M71 EX357E91/XX
6237M71-400 EX357E91/XX
6240M10 EX357E90/XX
6240M43 EX619M02/006-09
Please contact us for more info.
6240M46 EX619M01/002-03
Please contact us for more info.
6240M49 EX619M02/003-04
Please contact us for more info.
6240M51 EX619A11
6240M52 EX619A01
Please contact us for more info.
6240M56 EX619M01/004
Please contact us for more info.
6240M57 EX619M02/001-01
Please contact us for more info.
6240M58 EX619M01/004-001
Please contact us for more info.
6240M60 EX619M01/004-07
Please contact us for more info.
6243M1 EX357E92
6243M2 EX357E93
6243M3 EX357A94
6243M4 EX357A95
6243M8 EX357E92
6243M9 EX357E93
6918MX 013GNGP configured cable

Discontinued Endevco Products and Alternatives

Model number Description Instruction Manual Datasheet Alternative
12M9 High performance piezoelectric accelerometer
123 Signal conditioner 482C54
126 Signal conditioner 482C27
133 Signal conditioner
136 Signal conditioner
61C12 and 61C13 i-TEDS accelerometer
751-10 and 751-100 Isotron accelerometer
752A12 and 752A13 Isotron accelerometer
22 Miniature piezoelectric accelerometer 357A08
23 Miniature triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer 357A08
2221D Piezoelectric accelerometer Endevco 2221F
2222D Piezoelectric accelerometer 357A07
2223D Piezoelectric accelerometer 356A71
2229C Piezoelectric accelerometer 357B14
2250A/2250AM1 IEPE accelerometer 352A71
2262A Piezoresistive accelerometer Endevco 2262B
2272 Piezoelectric accelerometer
25A Miniature IEPE accelerometer 352A73
25B Miniature IEPE accelerometer 352A73
2721B PE Signal Conditioner 483C40
27AM1 Miniature IEPE accelerometer 352A59
27BLPF Miniature IEPE accelerometer 352A72
27F11 IEPE accelerometer 352A59
27F12 IEPE accelerometer TLD352A56
2771B Remote charge converter Endevco 2771C
2775A Signal Conditioner Endevco 2775C
2775B Signal Conditioner Endevco 2775C
2775AM4 Signal Conditioner
2792B Signal Conditioner
2793 Portable accelerometer calibrator
28959F/FV Portable accelerometer calibrator TMS 9110D
2947B Calibration capacitor
3027AVM13 Cable Assembly 010RJxxxCA
3060A Standard high impedance cable assemblies Endevco 3060D
3061A ISOTRON® (IEPE) flexible accelerometer cable 002EBAC (002Cxx)
35B Miniature IEPE accelerometer 356A01/A03
35C Miniature IEPE accelerometer 356A04/A01/A03
35771 Programmable filter
42673-1/2/3/4 Mounting adapter
42674-1/2/3/4 Mounting adapter
42677-1/2/3/4 Mounting stud
42675 Mounting stud
41A13 IEPE accelerometer TLD352C04
41A14 IEPE accelerometer 352M234
41A16 IEPE accelerometer TLD352C34
41A18 IEPE accelerometer
41A19 IEPE accelerometer
43655 Cable Assembly 010CAxxxJW or 034CAxxxNF
44A13 IEPE Accelerometer TLD356A02
44A14 IEPE Accelerometer TLD356A25
44A15 IEPE Accelerometer TLD356A26
44A16 IEPE Accelerometer TLD356A14
45A18 IEPE Accelerometer TLD356A17
45A19 IEPE Accelerometer TLD356B18
4948 Rack
4416B Signal conditioner Endevco 4416C
4428 Signal conditioner Endevco 4416C
65L Isotron® accelerometer 356A22/32
65LM1 IEPE accelerometer J356A22
6634C Differential PE Signal Conditioner 421B31, EX682A40, 422M182
67 Triaxial IEPE accelerometer 356A02/356A14
7251AHT-500M1 Small piezoelectric Isotron accelerometer
7251F11 IEPE accelerometer 355B02
7251F12 IEPE accelerometer 355B03
7251HT Through-hole IEPE accelerometer 355B02/03
7253C Isotron® accelerometer 354C10
7253D Isotron® accelerometer 354A04, 354A05
7255A Isotron® accelerometer
7264 Piezoresistive accelerometer
7265A Piezoresistive accelerometer
7702A, 7702A-17, 7702A-50 Isoshear piezoelectric accelerometer Endevco 7704A
8523 Piezoresistive pressure transducer
8540 Piezoresistive pressure transducer


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