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Endevco | Meggitt Sensing Systems

Meggitt’s Endevco’s -R Program

Meggitt’s Endevco’s new offering of replacement sensors provide a cost effective way to update or upgrade existing vibration test cells with the most trusted accelerometers available. The offering includes 25 of the most widely used accelerometers at a price savings of 10% or more below the standard model price.

The new -R replacement sensor offering delivers the high performance sensors that Meggitt’s Endevco is known for but without the extra accessories and cables which are generally not necessary for updating or upgrading existing test cells. The -R products include the most popular piezoelectric, IEPE and piezoresistive accelerometers that feature detachable cables for easy integration and replacement. The -R offering also provides a lower cost method to support spare sensor inventories which can eliminate costly test cell down time and support regular calibration of critical sensors.

Program subject to the following conditions:

Meggitt’s Endevco reserves the right to modify or alter -R replacement sensor offering at will and without prior notice. If a -R item does become obsolete or unavailable for any reason Meggitt’s Endevco reserves the right to substitute an equal or superior product to fulfill customer requirements. The -R offering is limited to the products identified above and cannot be applied to other products unless specifically released and formally offered by Meggitt’s Endevco.