Auto Safety

Endevco set the industry standard for crash test accelerometers, and now offers a complete family of products for auto safety testing needs. Our legacy undamped 7264C accelerometers are the only accelerometer that meets the NHTSA standard for certification tests with repeatable results trusted by generations of crash test engineers. Our new multi-mode damped accelerometers have little to no resonance in the frequency range of interest and the highest sensitivity available for excellent signal-to-noise ratio. We offer many package types suitable for on-vehicle crash testing, including miniature sizes for hard to reach locations. Our EuroNCAP compliant solution for pedestrian safety testing, Model 7264H, offers the broadest frequency response with no significant resonance out to 20 kHz. Further enhancing our product offering is the new Endevco Model 7310 angular rate sensor, which is designed for measurements of rotational velocity in ATD whiplash and automobile rollover applications. The latest addition to our portfolio is a 6 degrees of freedom sensor (6Dof), Model 7360, which features three axes of acceleration and three axes of rate sensors in a compact, roughly one inch cube package. This new sensor provides the acceleration and angular rate data that are essential to fully characterize the complex behavior of a moving object.


Anthropomorphic test devices (ATD) - DC accelerometers and angular rate sensors meeting J211/J2570/ISO6487, NHTSA SA572 designed for use inside various dummies

7264C,7310A, 7268C, 7330

On-vehicle crash test - Rugged accelerometers and angular rate sensors with a wide variety of form factors for use in on-vehicle crash environments

701AH - 701FH, 713AL - 713FL726CH758H

Sled testing - DC accelerometers and rate sensors designed specifically for sled track test environment

7290G, 7264B, 7360A

Pedestrian safety testing - Highly damped accelerometers meeting EuroNCAP directives, suitable for installing inside headform


ABS/Airbag Testing - Miniature pressure transducers with broad frequency response, perfect for airbag design and tests

8530BM37, 8510C

Side impact testing - Small pressure sensors and disposable accelerometers fit inside doors and other tight locations

8530C, 757AH - 757FH

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