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DIY 19" rack mounting


Do you offer a rack mount kit for electronics? I have more than ten 2721 charge amplifiers and several 4221 power supplies that I would like to mount in a 19" rack.


It's simple to create your own 19" rack mount for the charge amplifiers and power supplies, using the sketches below and a little hardware.

You'll need:

  • (2) aluminum sheets, each 3" tall, 6.25" wide and (suggested) 0.1" thick
  • (44) button head screws #4-40, 0.25 inches long

Your steps:

  • [1] Place 9 2721B units and one 4221B unit side by side. Screw them together with #4-40 screws through the predrilled holes on the edge of the face.

  • [2] Fabricate two mounting flanges from the two aluminum sheets.

    • Machine slots on one end of each flange, 0.5" deep with 0.25" diameter.
    • Bend the flange to a 90° angle, 1" in from the slotted end. Note the bend points will be in opposite directions, if the 4-40 through-holes are predrilled before bending.
    • Drill through-holes to match the 2721 housing.

  • [3] Attach your flanges to either end of the connected modules with #4-40 screws. The unit is ready to mount in the 19" rack enclosure.