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Endevco | Meggitt Sensing Systems

Calibration services

When you have your calibration performed by Endevco you will receive:

  • A full calibration certificate, with additional important data based on the calibration level selected.
  • Calibration conducted in an A2LA accredited laboratory using NIST traceable standards.
  • Fast turn-around, typically 2 days.
  • Widest selection of calibration services, including special requests.

Endevco uses precision, low noise air bearing shakers with a beryllium armature to ensure the highest accuracy with high frequency capabilities. We can also perform a resonance search to further determine the condition of the sensor. Endevco designed equipment is used to test cross-axis sensitivity, another important test of the accelerometer’s performance.

What we do:
When we receive your accelerometer, it will be fully inspected and tested. Once your sensor is determined to be operating properly, we will proceed with the requested calibration. If during inspection and testing we determine that the unit is defective, we will advise you regarding the repair or replacement alternatives. In the event we are unable to make the necessary repairs, Endevco can offer an attractive trade-in on a new Endevco product. Contact your local Endevco representative to discuss other options or alternatives.

What do we calibrate?
Piezoelectric, piezoresistive and variable capacitance accelerometers and associated electronics. Endevco can calibrate most non-Endevco accelerometers. Calibration of Endevco pressure transducers is also available.

Traceability and accreditation
Accelerometer calibrations are conducted in our A2LA accredited laboratory. The methods used are in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994, superseding MIL-STD 45662A and ISO/IEC 17025-2000. Traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology is shown as required by military quality control standards.