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Calibration services

Meggitt offers a full range of components and systems to help you calibrate your sensors. These include primary standard accelerometers, amplifiers, and full systems, which range from portable, battery-powered units for easy field use to an Automatic Accelerometer Calibration System (AACS). This system can control multiple exciters such as long stroke shakers, high frequency shakers and shock calibrators for traceable calibration on most accelerometers.

We also offer complete calibration services so that you can regularly recalibrate sensors and maintain a high level of precision and accuracy. Many types of calibration are available including absolute vibration calibration-for the lowest uncertainty and comparison techniques for shock and vibration. Meggitt can also perform more customized calibrations including environmental calibrations to verify amplitude linearity or frequency, or high shock impact testing. Our calibration team is committed to providing the most accurate calibrations available with conformance to NIST or other international standards. Annual calibration is recommended for accelerometers and their associated instrumentation to ensure the continued accuracy of your dynamic measurements. Accelerometer calibration is available from the same people at Meggitt who design, build and calibrate hundreds of accelerometers daily. Calibration is conducted by qualified technicians who are under the supervision of our experienced engineering staff.