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Why choose Meggitt?
Meggitt is a fast-paced, technology-driven company that provides its employees with opportunities for professional growth, as well as excellent competitive wages and benefits for all employees. Our modified work week, with working only 5 hours on Fridays is a great opportunity for our employees to achieve flexibility and a balance between work and their personal lives. Meggitt offers a variety of Development Programs for employee utilization to enhance their learning skills, including Seminars and Tuition Reimbursement as well as a variety of courses offered free to the employee. The team we have is diverse in gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation and disability status. The Meggitt team is committed to recognizing our employees and their individual successes and is dedicated to promoting from within to realize growth potential.

Employee testimonies

Jaime S., Test Tech III. “I was hired by Meggitt  in July 1999 as a Test Tech. B in the VC Accelerometer Dept. I was promoted last year to a Test Tech. III. As a Technician III, part of my responsibilities is operation FOX laser trimmer and ESI laser trimmer. Also, I am strongly involved in testing and troubleshooting of VC accelerometers and helping Manufacturing Engineers in improving the process in building VC products. I am thankful that Meggitt hired me as one of their employees because for all the years that I’ve worked here, I have I gained a lot of knowledge and I think it has made me a more improved human being.”

Jamie W., Manager, H.R., “We have one of the strongest H.R. teams I have ever been privileged to work with. We are committed to providing quality service and support our employees have come to rely on. What I personally enjoy most working at Meggitt is the camaraderie among the employees. They always seem to rally when we need them the most, whether it’s taking care of their own in time of need or helping with a community outreach project. I am proud to work with such a wonderful group of people that make our business the success that it is.”

Luis L., Manufacturing Engineer, “I started at Meggitt as a summer intern. Since then, I have become a regular employee and have worked here for over 2 years now. I am now a Manufacturing Engineer working for the ISOTRON area to provide continuous improvement. I see great potential in working at Meggitt and see myself growing tremendously in this company. The people are great and I have made important connections with the people in this company.”

Thang N., Customer Service Representative, “I began working at Meggitt  in February of 2000 as an Assembler B. Meggitt  has given me an opportunity to learn and grow. Through my hard work and the support of my managers and peers I was recently promoted to Customer Service Representative; my “dream job”!”

Sharon W., Security Officer, “I’ve been here at Meggitt  for many years and have seen many changes throughout that time. During all those changes, Meggitt  has fought hard to maintain its concern for the individual and the collegial feeling of people working together, almost as family. I appreciate that and all the opportunities for growth I’ve been given over the years.”

Rachelle H., Human Resources Representative, “I started at Meggitt as an HR Coordinator in 2005 and was promoted to HR Representative only 9 months later. In addition, Meggitt has supported my education and I just graduated with my BA in Business Management with a focus in HR.”

Urby R., Engineer IV, “Thirty-eight years with one company speaks for itself. Because of the educational benefits and advancement programs that Meggitt has, it has given me the opportunity to learn and grow into the numerous positions I have held throughout the years. Meggitt  is and always will be a big part of my life.”

Jeff N., Director Manufacturing, “I started working at Meggitt 26 yrs ago while I was attending the University of Puerto Rico. Their Employee Education Assistance program and their willingness to be flexible on my working hours greatly facilitated the completion of my degree. Shortly after I graduated, Meggitt afforded me the opportunity to transfer to a facility located on St. Croix USVI where I started by heading the Quality Assurance department and was later promoted to Operations and General Manager. After completing that 22 yrs assignment on St. Croix; I was, once again, afforded the opportunity to transfer to California where I’m currently heading the Manufacturing Department. I really like the family environment found here, the drive for excellence and their commitment to their employees. It is fun to work here, great people, great technology and exceptional employee benefits.”