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Test and measurement

Since 1947, Meggitt’s Endevco has been the most trusted provider of dynamic measurement solutions in the field of research, development, test and evaluation. Whether you are measuring mode shapes of disk drive components, skin surface pressures of an experimental aircraft, shock testing to improve product durability or the vibration level of a new hybrid energy system, we offer the most comprehensive and reliable line of transducers, cables, electronics and accessories.

Engineers and scientists throughout the world look to Meggitt’s Endevco to provide the highest performance, reliability and quality sensing solutions available. Our broad standard product offering and our capabilities to provide custom solutions is unmatched and we are dedicated to providing our valued customers with the most advanced solutions and services available.


For 60 years, Endevco has been the leader in providing products for flight test, inertial measurement, and pressure profiling. This includes flutter testing of low g’s and low frequencies, engine testing with wide frequency requirements and aerodynamic pressures and temperatures and static and dynamic vibration testing. Endevco offers a complete range of extreme environment accelerometers, microphones, airborne amplifiers and pressure transducers for mission critical measurements. Our products are used extensively to measure vibration during ground, in-flight and on-board monitoring of aircraft, surface ship, and submarine engines. We continue to play a key role as new engines are developed, certified, and placed into production, as on the Joint Strike Fighter program.

Endevco also offers high-intensity microphones for measuring the acoustic signatures of missiles and rockets at take-off along with engine pressure studies. These, along with the fuzing devices that Endevco offers, is why more Defense companies rely on Endevco for their missile applications.

If there is a critical measurement involved, such as the space shuttle wing impact detection, Endevco is your source for both products for measurement and the engineering talent to design a system to meet your needs.


For 30 years, Endevco’s piezoresistive accelerometers have been the industry standard for safety testing with use on vehicle barrier and sled testing and in anthropomorphic test dummies. Endevco piezoelectric, Isotron® and variable capacitance accelerometers are used in vehicle dynamic testing of engines, exhaust systems, components and suspension systems due to their micro-miniature size, high temperature performance and rugged construction. Endevco pressure transducers are used in the automotive testing systems such as Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS), transmissions, fuel and oil systems and air bag inflators. Using advanced silicon micromachined sensors, these pressure transducers feature a wide frequency response and a high level of output in a miniature size, making it ideal for use in places traditionally inaccessible due to size.Endevco accelerometers are the premier transducers that were used to create the original specifications from NHTSA and other governing agencies. Continuing in technical leadership, Endevco crash sensors meet or exceed the requirements of SAE specifications J211 and J2570.


For over 25 years, Endevco has supplied pressure, acceleration, vibration and shock sensors and signal conditioners for demanding applications in the energy market. Our sensors find applications in high temperature, high shock and hostile environments such as nuclear power plants, gas turbines, and directional drilling tools for oil and gas exploration. Utilizing Endevco’s Piezite® type P-14 crystal material, our vibration monitoring transducers are capable of continuous operation temperatures up to 750°F (399°C) and radiation levels as high as 6.2 x 1010 rad without degraded performance. Dynamic pressure sensors monitor large gas turbine combustor pressure at temperatures up to 986°F (530°C) helping enhance fuel control and reduce emissions. To keep up with the increasingly demanding industry, Endevco continues to develop new solutions and new technologies to monitor acceleration, shock, vibration, and pressure for this dynamic market.


Medical applications present unique design and performance challenges. Examples include the rate responsive heart pacemaker and defibrillator, which are implantable devices that create an appropriate pacing rate and charge response proportional

to the patient’s level of physical activity and the heartbeat pattern. High reliability, repeatability and very small package size are key criteria for acceleration sensors in these applications. Since 1996, over 5 million Endevco accelerometers have been used in the majority of pacing devices manufactured globally, to provide the data needed to improve the quality of life for these patients.Internal R&D advances in sensor manufacturing techniques and material properties have opened up several new markets for Endevco acceleration and pressure sensing devices, including external and implanted drug therapy systems, implanted pain management devices, and methods to accurately measure Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The ability to offer piezoelectric, self generating sensor technologies, and silicon-based MEMS sensor technologies, places Endevco in a market leading position as new medical procedures evolve which require sensor enabled solutions.