Continued Calibration Console Support

Endevco’s Commercial Automated Accelerometer Calibration System (CAACS) has been a trusted source for shock and vibration transducer calibration for many years. With PCB Piezotronics’ acquisition of Endevco, The Modal Shop - a wholly owned subsidiary of PCB - is now your resource for both CAACS legacy system support as well as system upgrades.

The Modal Shop (TMS) specializes in the design, manufacture, and support of dynamic sensor calibration systems. While TMS’s Accelerometer Calibration System Model 9155 can serve as a replacement for a retiring CAACS product platform, there are several options that will allow CAACS customers to experience a continuous bridge in operations from CAACS to TMS 9155 over an extended period of time.

The Modal Shop’s Calibration Team is committed to delivering Total Customer Satisfaction to CAACS customers.

To discuss your CAACS, call +1 513-351-9919 or email calibration@modalshop.com.