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Customer Benefits

Our products can be counted on consistently to reliably perform according to manufacturer’s published specifications, over an extended period of time, providing a lower total cost of ownership and enhanced value.

To make it even easier to do business with us, Endevco offers a number of customer benefits programs. These range from product warranties, trade-in allowances, and University discounts. Each program is briefly described below. For more information about these and other programs, please contact your local Endevco sales representative.

Two-year product warranty

We make sure that you get what you pay for! PCB offers a 2-year product warranty across our most popular Endevco sensors and electronic instrumentation lines, worldwide. For specific details on warranty, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

Trade-in Programs

Get added reliability and value for your application by making the switch to PCB's Endevco brand! Send us your working or non-working competitive product, let us help you to find the best standard product replacement for your application, and receive a 15% trade-in discount, issued simultaneously with your product purchase (only applicable in the US). Additionally, we also offer a 10% trade-in discount when upgrading or replacing an Endevco product.

University Discount

PCB offers a 10% discount on Endevco products to universities and colleges, to make it easier for students and faculty members to use Endevco products for their projects, research papers, experiments, or anything else. Let us know about your project, we would love to help!