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Custom products

Custom Connector Configurations

Do you want your accelerometers or pressure sensors to come ready to plug into your data acquisition? With quantities of 10 or more we can create a custom model to with your configuration. Be prepared to provide a connector part number, detailed pin out and interest in an ID chip option.

Replaceable Cable Option

Tired of having to replace your accelerometers or pressure sensors because the cable was damaged? You may be interested in a custom model to create an unobtrusive connection near the sensor, which also helps prevent damage to the sensor from cable pull-out.

Custom Temperature Compensation

Sensors frequently include temperature compensation to allow them to work accurately in a wide range of environments. That temperature compensation may or may not include your temperature of interest. Many models can be compensated to better suit your application.

Special Calibrations and Tests

Part of a sensors value is the calibration data that comes with it. Is the calibration certificate telling you what you need to know? If it is a one time request, we would likely quote an additional calibration separately, but if you repeatedly need the same information, we can create a model which calls out your specific calibration or test requirements.

Customer Specifications

For decades, Endevco has partnered with many of its customers to develop sensing solutions based off of customer defined requirements. These requirements can include special testing, adherence to standards, data reporting, and many, many others. Let us know about your project, we'd love to help.