What options are available with your standard catalog piezorestive pressure transducers?


There are several options available with our standard catalog pressure transducer models. The options most commonly asked for are the variation in standard dc excitation voltage the transducer is calibrated at and customer specific cable length, other than what is provided as standard. Meggitt Sensing Systems publishes datasheets, which identify most parameters and standard configurations. The standard electrical configuration is a full Wheatstone bridge with on-board temperature compensation. This provides a 4-wire cable with shield.

It should be noted that Meggitt Sensing Systems piezoresistive pressure transducers come in gage and absolute versions and have full-scale pressure ranges from 1 psi to 20,000 psi. The sculptured silicon diaphragm provides twice the sensitivity of a flat diaphragm design and results in a high resonance frequency. As an added feature, due to its miniature size, these transducers can accommodate a variety of mounting configurations. There are threaded units and flat pack designs offered as standard products. Some example options the customer can request at time of order are:

Screen type
Screen or no screen
Cable length variation
Vent tube or no vent tube (gage units)
Imperial or metric threads
Calibration excitation voltage (+2.5 DC or +5 DC) as opposed to standard +10V DC
Integral cable or integral connector

It must be noted that not all options are available for all model types. Some options, such as black grease and gel coatings, are classified as ITAR controlled options. Consult with Application Engineering for specific options and compliance process.